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Computer Repair West Palm Beach

We offer a wide range of computer setup and repair services to suit your computer repair needs in the West Palm Beach .

Not certain of what you require? We additionally offer I.T. counseling for your home or office. Give us a chance to discover the ideal answer for you!

We are continually striving to enhance our computer repair services in West Palm Beach to guarantee we are the speediest and best at what we do. We have quick turnaround times, inviting and helpful professionals, and we focus on making your experience as helpful as could be allowed. We never cut corners. We basically furnish you with quality  service at a reasonable expense. In the event that you need anything including a computer or network, we can offer assistance! You can directly contact us and speak to a technician at  (561)630.9949. We are happy to help, and we look forward to making your technology work for you!

Our services include:

Virus Removal Services


Our virus and malicious code removal services are normally provided on a same day or next day basis.  You will have a hassle-free service experience as our technicians will pick up your computer from your home or office and deliver it back to you after removing the viruses and other malicious files. Depending on the severity of infection, our technicians may provide on-site virus removal to your satisfaction. Call us today at (561)630.9949 to have viruses removed from your computer(s) and get them back up and running faster than ever before!

PC Tune-Up & Optimization


Our PC Tune-Up and Optimization service is typically a next day turnaround service. We pick your computer up from your home or business, fix it, and return it back to you the next day. We even set it back up for you and make sure that any devices you had connected to it are re-connected and working. On-site services are available, depending on the condition of your computer.

Computer Setup Services – Home and Office

computer-repair-and-set-up-west-palm-beachYou have purchased a new computer and now you need it set up. Nothing beats having your computer set up properly right out of the box. Easy computing inc Computer Services has the solution for you! We come to your home or office and set up your computer(s) the way that works best for you and your work environment. With our services, you can sit back and relax while we set up your computer(s) and connect them to all of your devices, including printers, scanners, mobile devices, etc.

Wired Network and Wireless Network Set-Up


Home networks (both wired and wireless) allow your computers and other devices to “talk” with each other so that users can connect to the internet and share files, software, printers, and various other devices.

Wired and wireless networks each have their pros and cons, so how do you decide what is best for your setup? Easy computing inc Computer Services to the rescue! Our expert technicians will come to your home or office and help you decide which type of network suits your needs and workspace the best.

Data Recovery Services

We take data recovery very seriously, as we understand that your personal, important files are involved and at risk of being lost. We offer data recovery services at a fraction of the cost of many other data recovery facilities.

Local and Cloud Data/File Backup Solutions


Easy Computing Inc Computer Services is here to help you with all of your data backup needs. We can assist you in coming up with a backup solution fit your budget and computer configuration, therefore ensuring that data loss will not be an issue for you. Call us today at  (561)630.9949 and let us help find the perfect backup solution for you!


Laptop Screen Replacement & Repair Service


We understand that most people cannot be without their computer for a long period of time and that is why our team of expert technicians will quickly analyze your computer and have the repairs completed promptly. The turnaround time for our laptop screen replacement and repair service depends on the specific model of your laptop, however our services are generally much faster than the industry standard! We work extremely hard to give you quality services and quick delivery at an affordable cost.

DC Jack Repair and Replacement


We have a very fast turnaround time for DC jack repair.  Contact us today at (561)630.9949 , or via our contact form and we will gladly give you a FREE estimate.

Custom Built Computer PC Services – PC Builds


From start to finish, we can help you design and build a custom computer based on both your budget and your needs. Whether you are looking for a computer optimized for gaming,video editing, or anything else, we can come up with the perfect solution for you. We will ask you a few questions about your needs, and we will then plan, design and build your computer custom configured to handle everything you need it for!

Reliable In-store or on-site Computer Repair

When it comes to computer repair in West Palm Beach, there are many options. Easy Computing strives to be the best and most reliable option for our West Palm Beach computer repair clients. We stand out from our competition by providing exceptional service and standing by our computer repairs. Our work is guaranteed and we stand by our service. Whether you need computer repair from Tequesta and West Palm Beach to Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton we have computer repair in Palm Beach County and South Florida covered!

We make computer repair easy. With options like our Remote Support to Phone Support to our On-Site Repair there’s an option for everyone whether you’re a business owner or a residential client our certified technicians can diagnose your problem and get the job done.

Computer Repair & Diagnosis 

With so many computer threats out there from viruses and spyware to other issues that are hardware related we make a careful diagnosis to identify the root of the problem and create a solution that is both cost effective and beneficial for you.

We can’t express it enough, our work is guaranteed! We won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with our work and your equipment is functioning at it’s optimal potential. Whether it’s your home or office or a simple diagnosis to complete data recovery of virus removal, we are the experts that get the job done.

Need a Service Technician to come to your home or office?(561)630-9949.