About Us

With over 12 years of experience in Palm Beach County and it’s surrounding areas, Easy Computing is your one stop local Palm Beach Gardens computer repair and service provider for: Home & Small Business Networking, computer repairs, back up and more.


Easy Computing president, Bill Panaggio and his team of experts, have been providing professional computer repair and service in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and it’s surrounding areas for over a decade and it is because of his dedication to his clients that Easy Computing has gained it’s impeccable reputation along side our parent company , PC Network Solutions, our Managed IT Service division.   His team of experts also share in his passion for all things IT as well as for the satisfaction of it’s loyal customers.


Given that the world of technology is constantly changing, Easy Computing , has continued to rise to the occasion by always being in the forefront of the latest technology advances.  We strive to pass on our knowledge to our clients, so as to provide them with the most convenient and up-to-date fixes to any problem that they may face with their failing equipment.